Pritzker Alumni life outside of class

Pritzker Alumni life outside of class

By Citlalli Calderon ’18

Being a college student consists of tons of homework, essays, lectures, and exams. Despite it, students make sure to have time for themselves and enjoy their lives at campus or at home depending where they are attending college. Attending college is not just about academic work, it is about the things one does outside of classes.

You may think that attending college is only for a student to be focused on their studies; however, they have a life outside too. This may include joining sororities and fraternities, so they get to explore more activities on campus and allow them to meet new people. What is a sorority and a fraternity? According to Wikipedia, “Fraternities and sororities, or Greek letter organizations (GLOs),[1] are social organizations at colleges and universities.” Joining these organizations, especially freshmen year, will allow one to meet new people and be able to assist campus organizations.

Usually, during free time with no homework to worry about, students are most likely to do other activities outside of school. For example, they play sports on campus or just stay in their dorms to play video games and watch youtube videos. They also might go out with friends. Also, some of the students have jobs and have to manage their school work while working long shifts.

Alumni Adrian Matias, Class of 2015, stated, ¨I attend many parties. I am part of a Greek life here at NEIU. I am brother of Omega Delta Phi fraternity, Inc. Being in a fraternity makes my college life a lot more fun. I have people to hang out with and it is a good way to network as well. Usually there are some type of parties going on. Whether it is at one of my brother’s house or at a different university. I balance my school work and parties well. If I do not feel satisfied with the amount of work I do for school I will not go to any parties or clubs at all. School comes first, and that being said there’s going to be other parties in the future.¨

However, many student´s life outside of their college classes does not always involve partying or doing reckless things. Some have jobs or they finish their class work in time to have free time for themselves, so they could be able to go out and enjoy their life outside of classes.

According to alumni, Suzette Suarez, she describes, “I do not really attend parties but I make sure I can manage my school work since I spend most of my time working. Also, I spend time doing homework at the library after school or just hanging out with my boyfriend at times. At this moment, I’m trying to find community service at a hospital because I want to major in Nursing as a Midwifery. By doing that I can have a great review when I transfer to another college and get accepted to the Nursing program because it is really competitive.” Suarez balances her school work and job by following a schedule and making sure she can enjoy her time.