Potential New Track team heading our way?

The NAC Cross Country meet. PC: Curtin

By Perla Flores ’19

Through the years, Pritzker has gained and gotten rid of many sports teams. This spring a new potential sport may be added to our Pritzker sports. Tamika Robinson, PE teacher and Cross Country coach, along with other staff, are talking about the idea of having a potential track team this spring.

We reached out to Robinson to talk about how the planning for the track team was going, but she rejected our interview request. She explained the track team is still a “conversation” that is taking place. She explained that she didn’t want to give information on the topic because she wasn’t sure about the specifics or if there was even going to be a team. Currently, the specifics about the team are being discussed.

Do we have the equipment and budget necessary?

Robinson along with other staff are discussing money and equipment. The staff is still discussing the track’s team potential addition to our sports because they don’t know if they have the necessary money to support the team and buy equipment. To support a sport like track, it takes time, effort, and money. They need to talk about who will be in charge. They also need to discuss when will practices take place and what the uniforms will be.

What do you think about potentially having a track team?  

We asked students what they think about potentially having a track team. Cross Country runner, Paulina Flores, explained, “The idea of potentially having a track team excites me because of my love for running.”

Flores, now a junior, has been in the Cross Country team since freshman year. Flores shows an extreme passion for running and would really be interested in joining the team. In addition Flores has shown the Cross Country team she is a determined player, “I was also named captain this year, so I was in charge of making sure everyone part of the team got the workout done when coaches weren’t around.”

Having a track team would benefit and make several students happy. Flores also explained, “Overall, I think having a track team for the first time this year is a great idea. I’m sure others think the same way.” She thinks having a track team is a really good idea. It will make students become involved in another sport. Maybe students don’t join sports because there isn’t a sport they like, but now that track and sport may be added, the students have the opportunity to try out a new sport.

Overall, having a new sport like track will open new opportunities for students to find what they like to do best and become involved with after school activities.