Portillo’s restaurant: An Old fashion Chicago Style Setting

The Famous Chocolate cake shake from Portillo’s and their menus. Photo Credit: Grecia Avila

By Grecia Avila ‘20

Portillo’s is a unique restaurant that is expressed in American Culture. The restaurant offers a great service, serves delightful Chicago style food, and has a rare city style decor.

Portillo’s is the type of place that you would kill just to go back for a taste of their delicious food. As well as their setting, Portillo’s is a great place to be out with friends and family, as you don’t have to wait a long time for your food. Everything in the restaurant seemed fast and stable.

I hadn’t been to Portillo’s in a long time and forgot what actual Chicago style food tasted like. However, most of my friends that have gone various times told me they really enjoyed everything about it. Once I was able to arrive, the place didn’t look pacted, but had few customers. Also when I ordered, the service was kind and adequate. Nothing was really unqualified and unsuited. I also saw that there were trainees working the cashiers and they had suitable guides to follow and to help them with any trouble they had.

I spent my day at Portillo’s with my parents and siblings where we all got different choices from the menu. It got to the point where we wanted more, but we decided to  try one of their desserts and it was great. I was able to try their one of a kind chocolate cake shake, which I highly recommend. There were other things on the menu that seemed good and I wanted to try, but was not able to.

I would totally go back to Portillo’s and order all different kinds of their food and wouldn’t have any complaints. Many would agree that Portillo’s is a calm place to have lunch anytime you’re in the city. Others say it’s a basic restaurant like many others that serve basic fast food.

I recommend, for those who live in Chicago to try it out, and if you haven’t already, you won’t regret eating at Portillo’s.