Polysphere: Begin your rotations

The pictures that are displsyed are completed; however, there are pictures that need to be opened by watching ads or becoming a premium member.

By Dulce Zagal ’20

Would you like the idea of rotating a picture, that is not in its complete form, to get the whole picture that is not mixed up? Do you just enjoy the idea of being creative? Well, Polysphere is just the perfect game for you. Polysphere gives you random images, challenges app users to form the picture that has been mixed up, and is colorful.

Surprise, surprise! Polysphere does not let you choose the picture you want to put together. Once you enter the game, it has pictures numbered up to 300. You have to choose pictures that are unlocked and that have free displayed on them. However, to get the free pictures, you have to watch ads. There are certain pictures that are locked and can be unlocked if you become a premium member. 

Pictures that have been completed are displayed. If you want to complete all the pictures in number order, you can not because you need to be a premium member and watch ads. I like that random pictures are given to the players because then users choose the pictures they like. Do you like challenges? If the answer is yes, then Polysphere challenges you to put together a picture that has been mixed up. If the answer is no, well, challenges are not for you. Polysphere has different pictures you can put together: fruits, candies, animals, etc. Additionally, some pictures can take you longer than others. For example, one picture can take less than one minute and another can take up to 10 minutes. I enjoy the frustration that putting together a picture brings to me.

Color is what people look for in a game. Polysphere has pictures that range in color because of the different pictures it offers. For example, one picture can have a variety of colors and it ends up being a car. Another picture can be a bear and it is pink. However, other games do not offer colorful pictures, backgrounds, etc. Most of them come in black, white, gray basically the basic colors. I prefer games that have lots of colors.

Ads are something people do not like: “Lots of ads. One level starts there is [an] ad, level is over there is [an] ad. If there are no ads it might be a good game.” Personally, I agree because every time I open up a picture, there is an ad. Also, when I complete a picture, BOOM!, there is an ad.  

  • Cost: Free
  • In-App Purchases: $0.99-$99.99
  • Rating: 4.1 of 5
  • Age Rating: 4+