Policy Changes: Skipping LaSalle

LaSalle Slip

By Marisol Rivera ‘19

As of this year, the consequence for skipping LaSalle had doubled. Instead of receiving two demerits for skipping LaSalle, the changed policy now states that skipping a LaSalle would earn the student four demerits.

There has been a major issue where students would skip LaSalle at least once every two weeks when skipping LaSalle was only two demerits and not four demerits. The reason why the students would skip LaSalle at least once every two weeks is because the demerit cycle clears every two weeks.

According to Paige Moran, Dean of Students, Pritzker Administration changed the LaSalle policy because of the following two reasons: “in the past couple of years, the number of students skipping LaSalle has been increasing” and “it is important that students who have a LaSalle attend LaSalle so that they complete their homework and are prepared for class.” Moran also added, “We therefore, switched the policy to encourage this behavior.” When asked about the effectiveness on the new policy and if it was the best thing to do, Moran responded, “Yes. We are already seeing a large decrease in the number of students skipping LaSalle.”

However, students have various opinions about how they feel regardless LaSalle changing from two demerits to four demerits. Daniel Cruz, sophomore, gave his opinion about the LaSalle policy change. Cruz stated, “I feel like it was a good change because I noticed that last year there was a lot of people that skipped LaSalle. This change will be effective because it will make students go to LaSalle and actually get their homework done.” Agreeing with Cruz and a little surprised, Stephanie Figueroa, senior,  also gave her opinion on the situation, “The change happened so quickly. I feel like it puts even more pressure on students to actually take time and do their homework.”

From the responses of Moran, Cruz, and Figueroa, the skipping LaSalle policy changing from two demerits to four demerits has been effective for several students. What is intended by “effective” is that more students are actually doing their homework daily, leading to students not even earning a LaSalle throughout the school day. However, the students who do not complete their homework daily, they will start to realize that it is not the right move to make, for the fact that they would need to stay after school for an hour and a half to finish the homework that they chose not to complete the night before.

Many may say that Pritzker changing the policy was a “dumb” move to make or that it was an “unnecessary” decision, it is a fact that there are less LaSalles being earned due to the change, and there are going to be possibly less students earning detentions due to skipping a LaSalle.