Pokemon Sword and shield: Could be better

By Katya Ramirez’21

Pokemon games have been raging on devices from Gameboy, Ds lite, 3Ds, Dsi, and ultimately the Nintendo Switch. Pokemon Sword and Shield has its traditional playstyle, outstanding graphics, and a confusing new map to explore.


Pokemon Sword and Shield was officially released worldwide on November 15. As the games are very similar, the only difference is the exclusive Pokemon that each version has which makes each game different. For example, Pokemon Sword has exclusive Pokemon, such as: 

  • Deino (Dark/Dragon)
  • Hydreigon (Dark/Dragon)
  • Jangmo-o (Dragon)
  • Kommo-o (Dragon/Fighting)
  • Hakamo-o (Dragon/Fighting)
  • Farfetch’d (Normal/Flying)
  • Sirfetch’d (Fighting)
  • Zweilous (Dark/Dragon)

And these Pokemon would not be included in Pokemon Shield, as it  has its own exclusives. I think that the exclusive Pokemon to each game is interesting and brings an urge to trade with people for Pokemon you can’t get in your game. Luckily, in this new game there is surprise trade, and you can trade with someone who has a different game than you in hopes to get Pokemon you can’t get.


These Pokemon games have the same pokemon traditional playstyle, the choice of 3 pokemon starters: Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble. After you choose your starter you are off on your journey to complete quests and earn all 8 pokemon badges to enter the last challenge: The Pokemon League. This traditional playstyle has been around since the beginning of all Pokemon games and will always be hopefully. In my opinion, if this playstyle was taken out then it wouldn’t be the  as the games I’ve played in my childhood and it just won’t feel the same. But the playstyle is still the same as any previous Pokemon game which is surprising and great because a lot of things were changed. 


The graphics of this game at first sight looks like a popup book but then you notice the 3D graphics after you begin to move your character. The graphics are similar to Pokemon X and Y which was made for the 3Ds back in 2013 but with way more detail. Along with the same idea from X and Y of being able to characterize your character with the choosing of your clothes and accessories. It’s not bad because I definitely enjoyed X and Y but I expected new things out of this new game and not just copy and pasting things from a previous game.


The map is huge with a lot to explore. It’s confusing though because it’s not a map that shows everything at once because you have to scroll to see the entire map. It has many cities and small quests to explore and accomplish. The game is overall decent but can be better with small changes and updates such as better Pokemon that you can choose for your team throughout the game. The Pokemon you get in the game are very limited and not the best for a new game like this. The problem is that you can’t trade from any other games before this game. It leaves you with very limited options.

  • Only on Nintendo Switch
  • Rate: 8.5/10
  • Exclusives in each game