Playing With Fire: Most outstanding family movie

Movie poster for "Playing With FIre"

By Mirna Pineda ‘21

The movie “Playing With Fire” has a heartwarming plot, well-known stars, and amazing FX effects. 

The movie “Playing With Fire” was released Nov. 8. The movie is based on a group of smokejumpers who rescues a group of kids; later to see how they changed their lives.   

The movie has well-known stars like John Cena, Keegan-Michael Key, Dennis Haysbert, and John Leguizamo. Most of the cast has actors whose careers are not predominantly acting 

For example, Haysbert, who plays Commander Richards is known for the Allstate tv commercials. Another well-known actor is Cena who is well known for WWE wrestling. The movie has a combination of actors who no one would believe to be in a movie together. It is remarkable how the actors fit their roles so well.

The movie is a comedy and family film. It captures a nice warming plot. It starts off with a smokejumper Jake Carson, played by Cena, who is serious-minded. Carson lives his life trying to fit the persona his father had for him. 

Carson’s father died when he was a kid. Ever since, Carson was trying to honor his dad by being what his father was, a smokejumper. Carson saves a group of kids who later end up changing his life. 

The movie has conspicuous FX effects. The best scene that used the FX effects were the fire scenes. It looked so real, no one would think it was fake. The best scene was when Carson saved the kids from the fire. In the scene, there is a big explosion. The FX made the fire plausible.

Although, some people say that the movie was too cheesy and not funny. The movie is a family movie. Therefore, the comedy is not adult-like. The movie is meant for all types of ages. The movie is based on regaining hope to retrieve a family. Some also say that the movie was too focused on Carson’s dating life. The movie is centered on how Carson turns into a family man. Therefore, his dating life is an important part.

  • Released Nov. 8
  • An hour and 30 mins long 
  • Family and Comedy