Plague Inc: The Perfect Plague

Disease started in Russia and spreading around the world.

By Angel Zagal ’18

An app simulating a disease that spreads and evolves to wipe out humanity makes one want to evolve their disease as much as possible, and the app has great features.

Plague Inc is an app where one can infect the whole world by creating an infection. When one fully develops the infection they can start infecting the world. The purpose of the app is to create the ultimate plague. Start from scratch with one person infected, develop it, spread it around, and eventually wipe out humanity.

Evolving a disease sounds easy, but it’s not that simple. One starts out with DNA, which serves as points to buy mutations for your disease. Patience and strategy is the key to the game. Start out small in one country and develop your plague. Once your disease is well developed the world will try to stop the disease and once severe, if one has no strategy, the infection can be stopped which will cause you to lose the game.

The app has tons of great features which one can choose from. The different features makes the app different from others, which don’t have as many features. Once one plague  infects the whole world, a new type of plague unlocks. Game difficulty is also an option from casual to brutal, where a cure can be found faster while making it harder for one to win the game.

Critics state that “the game is nothing special”. The app has many features to choose from, different levels of difficulty, different plagues, and tons of different mutations to develop the plague. I believe the app does have something special to it.

  • 0.99 on Apple products, Free on Android.
  • In app purchases
  • 4.5 out of 5 stars in app store and google play store.
  • Rated E for everyone 12+