Pizzeria Due: The pizzeria that is not for you

We see the slice of deep dish pizza and the cheese along with the sauce is falling out. Photo Credit: Felipe Landa

By Felipe Landa ’20

Pizzeria Due serves lousy pizza. As a result, it was not the best that I have tasted. The service was average, the waiters are very kind and love to start a conversation. The restaurant was also decorated with a bunch of Chicago pictures and it gave the restaurant a vintage look.

The pizza took a long time to make, but once the pizza came I took my first bite and it was extremely hot. All I got out of the bite was the sauce. I ate the pizza with a knife and fork because the sauce kept falling. The sauce did not taste very good, and it kept making a mess. There were chunks of it that were extremely hot. In the pizza, you could barely taste the cheese since so much sauce was on top of it. All you could taste was the sauce, and the cheese kept falling out making a huge mess. The crust, as a result, was garbage! There was more crust than there was cheese. It was too big and tasted horrible that I didn’t even finish it. Nate, someone who writes reviews on Yelp, claimed “The tomatoes in the Dues pizza was sweeter and not as tart like Lou’s. But most importantly,  the crust was crunchy and moist, unlike Malnati’s where the crust is hard and can do damage to your dental work”. I happen to disagree because the sauce was too hot to taste it and like I’ve claimed before, the crust was not good.

The service was okay, my cousin and I went there in the afternoon so it was not so crowded. When we got there, we were immediately seated and the waitress was very nice. When we were seated I noticed that my fork and knife were poorly washed and I asked for new ones. When we ordered our drinks it took way too long to bring them, I noticed that our waiter kept socializing instead of bringing our drinks. The waiter brought the drinks to another table and did not notice it when the other table told him that the drink was not for them. When the pizza came, our waiter kindly cut the pizza into little pieces which made it easier to eat.

The decor was very appealing, I enjoyed looking at pictures hanging on the wall that were mostly black and white, the Chicago Bears, and the food options painted on the top of the wall. The decor gives you a cozy feeling, and it was very Chicago themed. The setting is like a bar with all the wooden furniture, which makes it look sort of old, but it just makes the setting even better because it makes it look comfy.

  • Opens at 11 a.m. every day
  • Phone number: 312 943-2400
  • Does take reservations

Website: https://www.pizzeriaunodue.com/