Pittsburgh Thunderbirds defeat the Chicago Wildfire

The Wildfire team ready to pull. Photo credit: Ismael Sanchez

By Ismael Sanchez ’17


This past Saturday the Chicago Wildfire team, the professional ultimate-frisbee team for Chicago, played against the Pittsburgh Thunderbirds at 7p.m. in the Lane Tech stadium with a well fought game 23 to 24. The Thunderbirds took the win.

The AUDL, an American Ultimate League, is played with seven people of each team. There are four quarters and each quarter is 15 minutes long. There are also referees during the games, which is rare for ultimate. Comparing it to a high school league, each game is 75 minutes long and there are no quarters and there are no referees. The students need to make their own calls and manage the game, which makes the game of Ultimate very unique.

Throughout the beginning of the game the Thunderbirds had the lead, but after the second quarter the Wildfire had a tremendous defense using excessive bids, which is where a person throws their body in a superman formation to either block or catch the disc. The Wildlife take the lead all the way to the fourth quarter.

In the last quarter with only 30 seconds left, the Thunderbirds shut down the throw and give a nice pass to the end zone breaking the tie. Having only nine seconds left to score, Wildfire did not have many opportunities left but to launch the frisbee into the endzone and hope for the best. Unfortunately, the Thunderbirds took the win. Although the Wildfire lost, they played with integrity and grit.

“Ultimate is about endless road trips, smelly shoes, random stranger high fives, big cuts, and lay outs”