Pineapple on Pizza?

By Jonathan Rosales ’19

One thing that causes many arguments-and ends relationships-is pineapple pizza. Now, you might ask, “why do some people dislike pineapple pizza, and why do others like pineapple pizza?”

Brian Moro, a senior, states that he enjoys pineapple pizza and it fits well with it. Moro said, “The sweetness of the pineapple goes well with the pizza. Issa BOP!” From Moro’s statement, it is safe to assume that he enjoys pineapple on his pizza. Especially since he responded with, “Issa BOP!”

On the other hand, Mauricio Rodriguez, a senior, dislikes pineapple on pizza: “Personally, I do not like eating pineapple with pizza since I have always been used to eating either pepperoni or sausage on pizza. Anything besides that will be weird for me.”

Jennifer Rosales, a sophomore, had stated, “the sweetness does not go with the pizza. And it just ruins the purpose of pizza.”

Another sophomore, Ana San Juan, said that pineapple does go on pizza. “it is like sweet and sour chicken. The combination is just great,” San Juan explained.

Joe Salgado, a senior, dislikes pineapple on pizza. Salgado does not like the combination at all saying the flavors “do not mix well.”

Besides pineapple pizza, Moro said he also likes pepperoni, olives, purple onions, or hawaiian on his pizza.

Rodriguez explained what toppings he prefers on his pizza, “I like pepperoni or sausage pizza alone because being a picky eater makes me only want simple pizza that is not crazy in different toppings aside from the two I listed.”

Both, Rosales and San Juan enjoy cheese pizza. They like to keep their pizza topping simple.

Salgado has the same preferred toppings as Rodriguez: sausage and pepperoni.

While there is a mix of opinions for pineapple pizza, everyone has their own taste.