Penny’s Noodle Shop: An amazing spot for a big group reunion

The spicy chicken Pad Thai that I ordered. PC: Ashley Medina

By Ashley Medina ’20 

Penny’s Noodle Shop is a Thai restaurant. It has simple decor, fast service, and incredible food. 

As soon as we stepped foot into Penny’s Noodle Shop, I noticed the bright lighting of the restaurant. We were also greeted by an extremely friendly host. As we walked to get seated, the combination of spices soon began to make way into the air and into our noses. 

After we were seated, I could not help but notice the lights adorning the ceiling. The lights gave a sense of 90s. Because the restaurant was very well lit,  I felt awake. The lighting inside the restaurant caused my attitude to change into more energetic one. The restaurant also has small metal stools under a counter where customers would also sit at; this arrangement made the restaurant feel like an old school type of restaurant. Above that counter, there were several lanterns. 

Another thing that made the restaurant feel homier and welcoming was the staff. The waiter was incredibly attentive and was able to notice whenever we needed anything. Our waiter also made sure to bring all of us a glass of water. Once the waiter noticed that our party was complete, she began taking our orders right away. Although there were about ten people in our group, our order was ready fast. As soon as we got our complete order, the waiter was quick to notice that I needed an extra plate and silverware. 

I was sharing a Spicy Chicken Pad Thai with my sister. We decided to share because the serving size was pretty large. Our Pad Thai order was made up of very well done soft chicken. I liked how the ingredients in my Pad Thai were all fully cooked. The noodles were soft and they did not stick to one another. Every chicken piece was very crispy and juicy. The bean sprouts balanced out the spiciness of the Pad Thai and gave it a fresher taste. 

Although I truly did enjoy every bit of my food, some customers did not agree. A not-so-happy customer stated, “This food lacked flavor and was not thoroughly cooked. I’ll probably never order from here again.” I didn’t think that my food was flavorless. I thought that my food had enough flavor for my liking. Based on my experience, I totally recommend Penny’s Noodle Shop and I will definitely go back. 

  • Address: 1130 Chicago Ave. 
  • Hours: Monday to Saturday 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday 12 p.m. to 9 a.m.

Phone Number: 708-660-1300