Penelope’s: Stylish but expensive

Penelope's online store is easy to use and very professional. Photo Credit: Jocelyn Delgado

By Jocelyn Delgado ’19

Penelope’s Apothecary is a small owned business catering to the new and “in” style clothing. This small owned business has a wide variety of gaudy and different styles of clothing, a very expensive price range, and a somewhat polite service.

Penelope’s is located on Division street, one of Chicago’s busiest areas. Plenty of people stop by to look for outfits that will expand their wardrobe. Penelope’s wide variety of clothing provides new styles for their customers. Penelope’s offers a lot of new and gaudy clothing styles that not many people have worn before. I, personally, do not think that the style of clothing is as nice as other clothing stores around Chicago. Although, I think  that it has an interesting selection of clothing. However, the clothing is very professional.

Although this small boutique is full of new and exciting styles, it is also filled with very expensive prices. The clothes that are specifically designed at that store are all above an average price. Usually, clothes say from Target, are more affordable than how the clothing prices are set at Penelope’s. A knitted sweater, in any shade, is priced at $189, which is definitely too high of a price. A majority of the clothing sold at Penelope’s is definitely overpriced. Comparing their clothing to Target, you can get the same style and design of jeans for a cheaper price.

The service at Penelope’s is not as acceptable as it should be. I think that the workers seemed to be a little on edge when I had walked in the store and the girl at the front desk did not even acknowledge that I was there. I thought that it was very disrespectful because a successful business requires a strong team who is respectful towards their customers. This small boutique lacks that aspect.

I would not recommend this store because the service lacks common courtesy gestures, and the clothes are overpriced.

  • Address: 1913 W. Division St.
  • Phone: (773)-395-2351
  • Hours:

Monday – Saturday 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.

-Sunday 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.