PCP’s Activities Fair

Alma Hernandez, a sophomore, talking to students about Coding club. Photo Credit: Apryll Aroyo

By Apryll Arroyo ’18 and Miguel Meneses ’18

Pritzker College Prep held an activities  fair, on Sept. 11, from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. The activities fair had a combination of  clubs and sports. This was a way to get students to see the options Pritzker had to give.

There were many clubs presented such as: Coding, Chicago Cultural Club, Stem Club, and On Fire.

There were also Sports like: Boy’s or Girl’s  Basketball, Cheerleading, Boy’s and Girl’s Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, and Girl’s Softball.

The activities fair is held so that students  could try new things and get more involved. Every student at Pritzker walked around the cafeteria and black top, and got to see and hear what the members of the club or sport had to say. The members talked about specifics that happen in the club.

Joining a club or a sport will take some commitment. You will have to manage your school work and the activity you’re in. Either could be in the morning or afterschool.

  The fair helps students decide which club or sport they want to get into by the information they receive from the club or sport.

     A lot of people got excited about going to the activities fair, because they had all of activities right in front of them. Any sport or club they join can open a whole new them and find something in themselves that they never knew they had.

One club at the fair was coding. Coding is computer programming. Alma Hernandez, a sophomore student, stated, “With coding you can learn amazing things with just creating them with symbols and letters. It is hard at first but it is worth it.”

Another club we have is On Fire. On fire is a club that is religious. They have both community service and enrichment credit. Enrichment is 0.25 per semester. For community service that is when you go places where they tell you, you can get the enrichment.

After the fair, many students from freshman all the way to seniors decide what kind of club or sport the want to join.