Parents meet sophomore and junior teachers at orientation

By Libni Luna ’22

The parents of sophomores and juniors attended orientation on Sep. 10, at Pritzker College Prep. The purpose of orientation was for parents and teachers to meet one another and find the best possible way to help their students succeed in the upcoming school year.

Even though orientation was not mandatory, parents went in order to get more involved in their student’s education. Another reason some parents went to orientation was to understand the expectations and requirements that their students must meet. With the new requirements that are set up for the school year, it can be easy for parents to become confused and question the new requirements that the school has. 

A common reaction was the amount of confusion among parents and students involving the explanation of school topics. Students may explain things in a way that might confuse parents; therefore, parents find it easier to understand things when they can ask more questions. These questions were answered by staff/teachers who provided more information than the student. 

Sophomore Amayrami Tapia attended orientation, along with her parents. Tapia stated, “My parents did attend orientation and received a lot of new information; “They now know what is expected of me in every class, they know how long I should study for in every class.”

Zinia Flores, parent of a sophomore and junior student, also received new information at orientation: “I learned about my child’s education and how they will get disciplined when she does something that she isn’t supposed to do.”

 Flores also found the information quite useful. She can see Pritzker wants to help her child succeed. 

Tapia further explained that her family learned about “the new information [on] the new enrichment requirements because they were confused about the way I explained it to them before.”

Tapia had explained information in  a way which her parents couldn’t really understand. Attending orientation was something helpful for Tapia and her parents.

The purpose of orientation was to make sure parents are aware of new policies and to provide a face to a name. At orientation, parents socialized with teachers and got their questions answered. There were two sides of tables with teachers seated at each one. On the right were the junior teachers and on the left were the sophomore teachers.

Some major decisions are the promotion requirements involving attendance, behaviour, enrichment, and community service hours.

Other major changes would be the “Culture updates,” which involve the demerit cycles, exemplary weeks, and honor weeks.

Parents were also provided with resources in which they can figure things out in the future. They can go on powerschool, look at detention slips, look at discipline progress reports, and look at honor/exemplary week trackers.