Papa Ray’s: Monster Slice Meal

This is one of the few signs that Papa Ray has painted on the walls. Photo credit: Isiah Gonzalez

By Isiah Gonzalez ’17


The steam coming off the freshly made pizza, the Sprite in my cup was bubbling and just the right amount of salt added to my fries made me excited after a long school day. Papa Ray’s is located at Pulaski Ave. in the Avondale community. It’s rated as a three point five star restaurant. They not only serve pizza, but wings as well.

It was a Friday and my friends and I made plans to go eat at a restaurant. I did not   really hear much about  Papa Ray’s until my friends were all anxious to  go out for a bite to eat.

We headed our way to Papa Ray’s and walked towards this small building with a white sign of bright red writing on it saying Papa Ray’s. My friends and I immediately  put all of our belongings at our table to check out the menu.

I walked over to the counter and the young cashier instinctively spoke of the monster slice. The  monster slice meal comes with a large pizza slice and any cold served bubbly beverage with a side order of fries. Apparently, the monster slice meal is a common order and without  any hesitation I accepted.  

10 to 15 minute after, order number 78 was ready. Not only was my meal given to me in a short amount of time, but I was able to eat my food while it was still hot.  The time I ordered to the time I finished eating was quick.

I would definitely recommend Papa Ray’s for their service and food quality.  Experiencing Papa Ray’s for the first time will lead you to always go back for more.

  • Address: 3208 N Pulaski Rd, Chicago, IL 60641
  • Phone:(773) 545-3505
  • Hours: Open today     11AM–2AM