Pan Artesanal: A great spot to catch up with friends

This is the strawberry danish and coffee that I ordered. Photo Credit: Ashley Medina

By Ashley Medina ’20

Pan Artesanal is a cozy restaurant with friendly employees, amazing food, and eye-catching decor.

As soon as you walk into Pan Artesanal, you receive a warm welcome from the employees. Once inside, the smell of fresh bread makes you want to rush into the line so that you can get your food as soon as possible. The decor is so unique and simple that you will have to look at it several times just to understand what it really means.

Pan Artesanal has attentive and fast employees. The employees make sure that your food gets to you at a reasonable speed. The employees don’t stare you down or make you rush so that others can have your table. They make sure that you enjoy every minute of your stay by walking up to you and making sure that you’re enjoying your food and have all that you need.

Since I choose to go with a light meal, I was able to eat my food as soon as I sat down. I ordered a cup of coffee and a pastry. As my pastry, I got a strawberry danish. The strawberry danish had strawberry jelly, cheese cream, and was glazed with honey. The bread was soft and warm. In every bite, I could taste the warm strawberry jelly and cream cheese dissolve in my mouth. It was the best pastry that I have ever had. Since I went on a chilly day, I enjoyed how warm my coffee was. I didn’t enjoy how I had to prepare my own coffee. I didn’t like the overall taste of the coffee but my delicious pastry made up for it.

As I ate my delicious meal and talked with friends, I observed the interesting decor that Pan Artesanal has. I really like how there was fake bread and other pastries on the shelves. I think that adding fake bread was a really smart idea. The fake bread deceived me at first but then allowed me to see the variety of foods made at Pan Artesanal. I was able to see the creativity, detail, and dedication that goes into creating different types of bread and pastries.

A costume of Pan Artesanal stated, “Delicious food and amazing service recommend tres leches ice coffee.” I did not notice that there was a tres leche ice coffee. When I got back to Pan Artesanal, I will definitely try the tres leche ice coffee. Although I can’t recommend the tres leche ice coffee, I definitely can recommend that you go to Pan Artesanal and try the strawberry danish. You will not regret it!

  • Address: 3724 W Fullerton Ave.
  • Hours: Sunday -Friday 8 a.m.-6 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Sunday 8 a.m.- 4 p.m., Monday- closed
  • Phone Number: 312-286-5265