Online learning is a waste of time

Online learning is a waste of time

By Erik Pacheco ’20

Now that we officially have been in quarantine for at least a month now and will continue  to be quarantined for the rest of the school year, online learning has taken over to ensure students are still being taught even though we are not in a class setting. However, how effective can online classes really be?

When given the choice, online classes are not the best option because they would offer you way too much freedom, less help, and less human interaction.

Too much freedom

Online classes are taken in the comfort of your own home, which sounds like a dream come true because you are working from home while you are on your bed. SOUNDS AMAZING. Taking classes online would give you the option of when you would like to do the work they are giving you just as long as you do it. You can leave everything until the last minute or do the work that is assigned to you in a timely manner. 

However, this amount of freedom can lead to people not actually doing any type of work because they will just spend the entire time either watching tv or going to different places (not during this quarantine though). 

In school, you are not given this freedom. You are actually not given any freedom. Because you are in the building, you are required to learn and do the work they tell you to do or else you would fail and would not really have that much of a future, according to every school.

Less Help

Since you are given that freedom to do the work whenever you feel like it, you would realize that when you run into a problem that needs solving, but it would take a while for people to respond because they might be busy too. 

However, when you are in a school building, you are able to get help on a question when one pops up. Being allowed to have the help there next to you is a HUGE plus because the teacher would walk you through on how to solve the problem step by step and would not stop helping you until you understand what the teacher is saying just like Ms. Curtin

In addition, there are office hours where teachers can help you with the questions you have while on online classes, you have to either call someone or look on Google, which often has people who just give you fake answers to the question.

Less Human Interaction

Of course, when you take online classes, you are at home learning all by yourself with no human interaction. Especially with what is going on right now there is no such thing as human interaction.

Not interacting with others your own age is bad because you are not learning basic communicative skills, and you can become depressed.

Moreover, you can not solve all the problems you come across in your life by yourself behind the screen. You can use a friend who can help you and motivate you.

Right now, because of this quarantine, there really is not any other choice on how to get our education; however, when given the choice in the future, I do not intend to this, by choice, in the future.