One of the Best Albums: After Laughter by Paramore

John Seed, known as the Father, preaching to his followers. Photo Credit: Chloee Toro

By Alizae Kaye Salgado ’20

“After Laughter” the fifth album of 2004 rock band Paramore has great messages about life and experience, an amazing sound, and heart touching and meaningful lyrics. After Laughter was released on May 12. This album was released very suddenly with no warnings or knowledge. It gave everyone a shock to see their once rockish style become an 80’s inspired music feel.

The message to me is very positive within the majority of the songs, but the rest of them are less positive and more emotional. When I listened to the album, even the sad songs gave me a motivational feel. In the song “26” one of the lyrics go, “Hold on hope if you got it- Don’t let it go for nobody.” This song has a slow and calming beat to it. While the lyrics give you beautiful and motivational quotes about how not to let yourself become something you’re not or never will be. One of the more positive songs is “Hard Times”. One of the more lively lyrics are “Hard times- Gonna make you wonder why you even try- Hard times- Gonna take you down and laugh when you cry -These lives.” I thought of this song as giving the message that if you’re going through a hard time, you will always have doubts on whether or not you can make it through a “hard time”. But, always eventually, you will overcome any obstacle you encounter.

This specific album broke the pattern of rock and teenage angst to change to a more bubblegum pop music as well as the usual sad music. I love their new style it’s very bright and colorful. Paramore has changed their style drastically. The sound of the album is very pleasant and happy to me. As you listen to the upbeat songs they give you a pep in your step, as they do to me as I’m walking to and from school. The slower songs can make you feel the same emotions you feel if the day is dark and cloudy.

Some people say that they dislike this album because it is a change from Paramore’s usual style and genre. I believe that everyone changes when they feel the need to or want to become better. No one stays the same their whole entirety of their existence. Many bands and musicians evolve or change over time with the year. Some artists may decide that they would like to change the style of music.

  • 12 songs
  • Range from $10-$16
  • Song length range: 3-5 minutes
  • Release date May 12
  • Paramore
  • After Laughter