“On My Block”: An exceptionally interesting new season

By Dayanara Gutierrez ’22

Season three of “On My Block” has an emotional and relatable plot, new, well-played characters, and lastly, an appropriate soundtrack.

“On My Block” is a coming-of-age series released in 2018. It is a dramatic comedy that follows Monse, Ruby, Jamal, and Cesar, a group of high school friends, as they face different challenges throughout the seasons. The series takes place in Los Angeles, California. 

Season three of “On My Block” has a plot that is both emotional and relatable to viewers. Season three starts off where season two ended, showing Monse. Ruby, Jamal, and Cesar after being kidnapped by Cuchillos. Cuchillos wants the teens to find Lil’ Ricky because she believes he is still alive. Throughout every season, not just season three, we can see that there is a lot of involvement with gangs, and there’s gang violence too. All of this makes it emotional because it’s hard for the characters to deal with this, but it can also be relatable because some people might have similar experiences. 

In addition to all of this, the characters have to face many obstacles when it comes to their friendships as well as romantic relationships. The characters argue and get angry with one another, but then overcome the obstacles they face. Monse and Cesar’s relationship is undefined at one point, and they try to start fresh because of what they have been through.

 In this season, we can also see family issues between Cesar, Oscar, and their father. Oscar is essentially holding a grudge against his father due to the fact that he was never there for him and Oscar was forced to raise Cesar and be a father figure to him, without even knowing what it was like to be a son. This gets very emotional because you can hear the pain in the characters’  voices as they express their feelings.

Most things mentioned above are things that a lot of people can most likely relate to.

“On My Block” Season 3 also has new characters who are well-played.  Some important characters that are introduced in season three are Jamal’s girlfriend, Kendra, Cesar’s dad, Ray, Cuchillos, and Ainsley Riches. Jamal’s girlfriend doesn’t have too big of a role, she’s only seen in a few episodes, but her character is very well-played in my opinion. 

As for Cesar’s dad, he is seen after returning from prison as a changed man. He ends up working at Jamal’s father’s restaurant and tries fixing his relationship with Cesar. The way he plays his character is quite well because he says things I think a real father would say and the things that he does fit the idea of his character. For example, he sticks up for his kids but he also ends up abandoning Cesar and Oscar again when he gets a job offer somewhere else. 

Cuchillos is the leader of the Santos, and her character is very intimidating and powerful, which fits her role very well. Lastly, Ainsley Riches who is also a minor character gives off a Jojo Siwa vibe, she’s a very colorful and sassy girl, and I think she does a good job portraying her character.

Lastly, “On My Block” has a soundtrack that is appropriate for each scene. There are numerous songs in each episode, and the songs are from a number of artists that might not be too well known. The songs really helped move the series along because they either helped build the suspense, sadness, happiness,  or whatever emotion the characters felt.

My personal favorite song was “get you the moon” by Kina, which was played in episode five as Monse and Ruby connected with each other about feeling and not feeling grief. Overall, each song just fits right in with the scene. 

While some may believe that the ending of season three was remarkable for the characters, I disagree. I thought the ending was disappointing because I was expecting a cliffhanger like in previous seasons, but instead, it ended with a time jump and we were able to see how the characters’ lives were two years later.

  • Available on Netflix
  • 3 seasons
  • TV-14