Obsession With Phones

This shows a picture of a banner i made on canva representing the amount of mobile users in the world.

By Erik Pacheco ’20

Phones are such an essential tool for people around the world because it’s basically your mini assistant; however, some people take it to the extreme and need their phone out and with them, at all times. Losing their phone or not being able to use it causes a great deal of anxiety and fear for them. This feeling is called Nomophobia. Although people with nomophobia need their phone out, it could cause serious problems to their eyes and overall health.

 Impact on the eyes

Your phone’s screen reflects blue light onto your eyes. This type of blue light is very harmful to your eyes and could cause serious problems. The most common problem with using your phone for a long period of time without a break are irritation, eye redness, and dryness. But the biggest health problem that can occur is  Myopia, which is where the eyes can’t bend light properly and you have trouble seeing things clearly. This commonly occurs during night time when many are on their phone before going to bed. Using your phone in plain darkness can severely damage your eyes, since your eyes are only focused on your phone in the dark, the blue light from your phone will project more onto your eyes and cause damaging effects.

Impact on your health

In addition to the blue light, your phone also transmits radiofrequency radiation which can be very harmful to your overall health if exposed to it for a long period of time. Doing something as simple as holding your phone next to your ear while making a phone call can cause health issues, like brain tumors, that may not not happen right away.

Moreover, another type of damage is the so-called, “text neck.” Text neck is the term used to describe what happens to your neck after looking down on your phone for a long period of time, which can cause long-term consequences to your body.

Another type of damage that can affect your health is an indirect one: Death. Texting and driving are dangerous things to do. Being on your phone and driving, doesn’t allow you to pay attention to your surroundings, which leads to crashes and  death to you or others.

   Safety Precautions.

In order to live on the healthier side while using your phone, you should limit the amount of time you take on your phone and during phone calls. Another step that would be useful is using a hands-free device like using  headphones or putting your phone on speaker when making calls. Finally, the most important one of all, eliminate the time you spend using your phone during the night time/in the dark because you don’t wanna damage those beautiful eyes.