Nutella Cafe: Astonishing place

Nutella Cafe on a Friday in the afternoon with a sunny day.

By Guadalupe Landa ’20

Nutella Cafe is a place that has been recently opened. It has a variety of food that any individual can enjoy it.

The cafe has generous and sociable employees, a splendid setting, and delicious food. It is accessible to many people, whether it be by train, uber, lyft, or a car.

As you walk into the restaurant, an employee opens up the door for you with a welcoming gesture. You´ll wait in a long line, but the line goes by quick. Once you are attended, the employee says a hello with a question stating how are you doing. Some will jam to the music playing, making you feel happy. The employees are very energetic even though the cafe is busy. It´s amazing how they don’t lack energy.

With amazing employees also comes the splendid setting. The cafe is different from any other ordinary cafe. It has the walls colored red and brown signifying the colors of Nutella. It has unique lamps that are shaped like a flower, and a Nutella sign inside the cafe that consists of light, making it pop out. The decorations are very fancy, but also sleek.

Nutella cafe has so many delightful things but the jaw-dropping thing about the cafe is the food. The Nutella crepe is a thin pastry that is soft with the perfect amount of Nutella filled inside the crepe. On top of it is the powder sugar, which adds a bit more flavor. All of the ingredients mixed together make the perfect Nutella crepe. It was one of the best crepes that I have had. The Nutella with fresh fruit was surprisingly good considering the fact that I am not a fan of adding chocolate with fruit. The Nutella with fresh fruit consists of blueberries with vanilla yogurt, adding on to the flavors is granola and Nutella. It was delicious, and I would recommend it to other individuals so their taste buds can be jumping around with happiness due to how the ingredients mix in well.

Their was mixed opinions revolving people’s experiences in the Nutella Cafe that had to do with the customer service. Many had said that they had horrible customer service but in my experience, I did not. The Nutella Cafe is highly recommended due to astonishing food, service, and setting. Anyone would enjoy it.

  • Location: 189 N Michigan Ave Chicago, Illinois
  • Phone number: (800) 861-4888
  • Price: $2.00- 10.00
  • Serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner