Northern Rescue: A relatable show

Northern Rescue: A relatable show

By Stephania Flores ’20

Northern Rescue is a show that was released on Netflix with relatable teen problems and a variety of characters.

Northern Rescue is about a father who tries to maintain a close relationship with his three kids after his wife dies. However, it is a challenge since everyone is coping the death differently.

From having what seems to be a perfect family, John West tries to keep strong for his children. I saw how he tries to continue on with his life because he knows that his children are suffering too. He does this by trying to make them see that they have him too and wanting to have a closer relationship with them. However, I think that this gets challenging since they move to a different place after a few days after his wife’s death.

I think the reason why  John is suffering to maintain his family together is that all of his kids are teenagers and dealing with their own things. With everything that is happening to them in just a few weeks, the last thing they want is to move to a town where they do not know anyone.

West has three children: Maddie West, played by Amala Williamson; Scout West, played by Spencer Macpherson; and  Taylor West, played by Taylor Thorne. The change of moving does not go with Maddie nor Scout because it was the home they grew up in, and they do not want to forget those memories. Also, Scout recently started dating someone and does not want to break up with her. I think that the children just wanted to leave a normal life but with all these changes it was impossible.

Maddie is the oldest, but she seems to get in more trouble than her other sibling. I think she has a difficult time coping with her mother’s death and starts to get in trouble with the law. Meanwhile, Scout is the middle child, and he tries to follow the same footsteps of his father by playing the same sport as father used to play: wrestling. He also got a girlfriend and tries everything to maintain a long distance relationship. Taylor is the youngest, and apart from being the youngest sibling, she is also the smartest. I think she also tries to  make her father happy by agreeing with him every single time

Although I think some may say that the plot can be related back other thousands of other shows, I think this show has other scenes or problems that make it stand out from other shows that can be seen by watching the show.

  • Available: Netflix
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Genre: Drama, Family
  • Length of each episode: 45 minutes