Noelle: Simply inspiring

Noelle on Disney+.

By Ericka Taboada ’22

Noelle has an interesting plot, it sends an important message, and has fascinating characters.

Noelle’s father is Santa Claus and when her father passes away, it is her brother, Nick’s, job to perfect sleigh riding and landing in time for Christmas, in order to become the new Santa. However, Nick isn’t necessarily the best at his job and Noelle realizes that he could use some time to get away and relax. Nonetheless, things didn’t work out the way Noelle expected them to, and so the North Pole became a mess. As a result, Noelle decides to go look for her brother.

The plot is very interesting because the ending made me very surprised. For example, Noelle was hated by the people in the North Pole, and it seemed like people would never get over it. However, as the movie continued Noelle did something that made people forgive her.

  Noelle has proven to contradict any stereotypes people have. In particular, those about women. Noelle was able to be in charge of a job only men had done. This proves stereotypes wrong because although many characters weren’t happy with a woman being in charge of the major role. Noelle was able to show that women are capable of taking on a “man’s” role which is inspiring to those who watch it, especially females.

In addition to having such an inspiring message, the characters go through a shift, and it shows how one event can change your perspective on things. Take Noelle for example,  in the beginning she was more materialistic, but as the movie came to an end, she realized the real meaning of Christmas.

Critics on Rotten Tomatoes believe that Noelle is a movie that is easy to forget and won’t really have an impact on your life. However, I completely disagree, Noelle showed exactly what it felt for everyone to expect you to do something and for you not to want to do that. It also showed how often times people try fixing problems only for people to like them. I feel like both of these things are common day issues in the world we live in, which is why I believe Noelle can’t be so easily forgotten.

  • Only available on Disney +
  • November 12, 2019
  • 1 hr and 40 mins