NobleFit Expo: Students get actively involved

Students working out. Photo credit: Citlalli Calderon

By Citlalli Calderon ’18

Have you ever participated in any fit organization? Have you ever had a dull weekend? Noble students of every campus were invited along with their families to the Noble Fit Health and Wellness Expo that was held at Chicago Bulls College Prep.

A total of 405 students were registered to participate and got up on their feet Sunday afternoon. There were more than 20 organizations that presented information about nutrition, gave exercise classes, and provided  health screenings.

When walking into Chicago Bulls College Prep, the friendly staff welcomed students. At the start of the NobleFit, there was a presentation about why students need exercise and how it assists the brain. After the presentation finished, there was a quick zumba workout that got everyone in the room, including parents, to get hyped up for the day.

Afterward, students were given permission to walk around the building to receive information on which included organizations like Erie Family Health Center,  The Gardeneers, and The Bloc Chicago. All of these organizations caught students attention based on what they had to offer. The Gardeneers, gave students the opportunity to grow their own plant. The Bloc Chicago organization allowed students to practice with boxing gloves and also brought up the  opportunity to sign up for the summer program. In addition, there were healthy snacks given to students like fruits and green smoothies. Within the snacks, fliers with recipes were given to make healthy snacks at home possible.

Suzette Suarez, Senior, “My favorite part would be when trying the healthy food sample because I always thought that food is ‘nasty,’ but it was actually enjoyable.” Despite the healthy foods, Suarez gave them a try for a better healthy decision.

According to Sarah Cross, Physical Education Teacher, “The idea came from Rebecca Baker. Her job is to oversee our PE and health curriculum, and she also creates new opportunities to promote wellness for our students.” Baker’s idea of the NobleFit Health and Wellness Expo wouldn’t have occurred if it weren’t for her creativity. Becky wanted families and students to enjoy the exercises, and learn about eating decisions.

Rebecca Baker, the Assistant Director of Health and Fitness for the network, stated, “The event was created to bring together Noble students, staff, and families with various wellness organizations in Chicago. Noble students understand the importance of wellness and we want to continue to grow our community and share this knowledge with our families, peers, and neighbors. It’s a great opportunity for students to meet others from around the Network as well as learn about wellness in Chicago.” Baker, hopes to continue the NobleFit event yearly and would want to see students participate in the Grit N Wit obstacle course this May.