Noble Network Wins the 2015 Broad Prize

Constance Brewer, Sara Kandler, Michael Milkie, Paul Pastorek announced the 2015 the award winner for the Broad Prize charter school in New Orleans. Photo Credit:

By: Emiliano Alvarez ’17 and Suzette Suarez ’17

The Noble Network wins the Broad Prize by the Eli and Edythe Foundation in New Orleans on June 22, 2015. Noble was awarded  for best Public Charter Schools and will receive a grant of $250,000 towards helping students going to and through college.

The Broad Prize is a foundation honoring large urban schools who show great value in academics. The main idea of this foundation is, “Celebrating Improvement in America’s Urban Public Schools”, states the broad prize for urban foundation. Founded by Eli Broad and Edythe Broad dedicating their time on the future education for students  and valuing low-income students by paying for their college tuition.

Noble Network students value education by showing improvement in academics.

According to Brewer Constance, Noble’s chief officer, “The reason why we receive this prize is totally because of the hard work of our[the] students as well as our teachers and parents that made this award possible.” The Noble Network campuses offer  support during the student’s  four years during high school. Such as: Pre-College Seminar, Summer of a lifetime, and other standards to colleges. With this students have a chance to experience how colleges work and have in mind how to act in college and how to apply to  colleges the student would desire to go to.

The Broad Prize does not only offer this in  the Chicago area, it offers to all schools in the United States that apply to the prize. “All of our 17 campuses, including our middle school, reflects on all of the hard work,” Constance said. A winner would be chosen annually and will be receiving  $250,000 to whomever wins.

The money can be used in variety of ways, but the most useful way would be for the students to go to college because when entering college there would be a lot of bills arriving to be payed. Textbooks being payed and so many more.

The Broad Prize can be earned by anyone who applies, but the useful way to earn The Broad Prize is by seeing students that are academically involved in school and deserve to earn the money towards college.