Noble athlete will play Division one basketball in college

Noble athlete will play Division one basketball in college

By Antonio Lopez ‘17

On Nov. 15,  Marvin Nesbitt, a senior at Butler College Prep, officially signed his contract to play Division one basketball with University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC).

Nesbitt had multiple offers from different schools, but he chose to go with UMKC because they would allow him to finish his basketball season with Butler. Nesbitt’s initial feelings were feelings of excitement and proudness. As he stated, “I feel like this is an opportunity of a lifetime, to have the chance of following my dreams, playing D1 basketball is amazing” Nesbitt expressed how hard he has worked for this opportunity to come and it is now paying off.

Nesbitt talked about the process of how it came down to signing the contract. Visitors started watching his AAU team at Las Vegas back in July, and they were amazed by the way Nesbitt played that soon after the game they offered him a scholarship and the opportunity to visit the campus.

Nesbitt discussed his inspiration to be where he is right now, “What inspired me along the way was seeing how many noble athletes are overlooked, and I wanted to prove everyone wrong and show them how it is possible to go to school and get high quality education while competing in sports at the same time” Nesbitt also added that he believes more Noble athletes can make it far if they continue to first of all, put education first, and then to keep working hard and staying focused in the game.

Some of the Pritzker basketball players who have played against Nesbitt before spoke about their experience playing against him. One of them, Jorge Rivera, senior, stated “I’m not surprised of how far he has came. I’ve had the chance to play against him multiple times before, and he’s honestly a very skillful player.” Moreover, Oscar Chairez, a senior as well, stated his own opinion, “He’s a very tough player to guard. I’m glad he has made it far because he’s setting the example for other athletes, and we can all learn from him”

Nesbitt is not done chasing his dreams. He wants to keep going even further. He wants to play in the NBA in the future.

Pritzker will be facing Butler in the following weeks and it should be an interesting game to watch the Noble star in action.