NF: The Savior of Rap and his new album Perception

A chart in which the ranks of his albums are depicted. Photo Credit: Alexander Correa

By Alexander Correa ’18

“ This is for the kids who feeling like they live at the bottom and feel like every day of their lives is darker than Halloween.”

Who is NF?

NF, an american rapper, was born as Nathan John Feurstein and was raised in Gladwin Michigan. He raps about his life, and has a strong resonance with those who are struggling through life. His rapping is often seen and compared with that of another lyrical genius, Eminem.

Eminem acts as an inspiration to NF and Nate uses his life and lyrical genius to create rap and hip-hop songs that resemble Eminem and his works to an extent.  When Julian Gonzalez and Santino Pomolo, both Juniors, heard NF they stated, “This is fire. Is it Eminem?” It just goes to show how this recent artist is being compared to one of the greats.

NF’s album: Perception

Perception is NF’s fourth album, and arguably features his best songs. He reflects on some of his old songs in the new album and ever references his song “Therapy Session,” in which he refers to losing his mother from overdosing. Whether you go from the first track on the album Intro III, or go to the last track, Outro, you will witness NF’s life and possibly be able to relate to the struggles Nate faces in his life. This album features songs that evoke emotions from feeling excluded, losing a love, and coping with a lost one. Some tracks are explicit and contain a few cuss words, but overall the impact obtained from his lyrical genius makes his songs worth listening to.

Whether you are listening to his music because you like the beats, flow, or can relate to his songs on a personal level, Perception, and NF as a whole features a wide array of amazing songs that are crafted to a high standard. He looks to break the Hot 100 with his next record which is rumored to drop late this year.

Where Perception ranks

According to a Forbes article that relates to the Billboard 200, “Perception, his fourth full-length (though it’s his third under his current moniker), moved just 55,000 equivalent copies this week, with only 38,000 of those being actual sales, according to Nielsen. That’s an especially small sum for a No. 1 album, but this time around, it all came down to the competition, which wasn’t quite able to beat him.”

According to the Billboard 200, Wikipedia, and multiple other sources, Nate also beat multiple popular upcoming artists such as the likes of the infamous Lil Pump and Gucci Gang, as well as late rocker Tom Perry.


  • Released October 6, 2017
  • Genre Hip hop
  • Length 61:38
  • Label
    Capitol CMG NF Real Music LLC