New year, new teachers

By Ariana Padilla ’21

This 2019-2020 year is exciting for everyone here. Most people at Pritzker are starting in a brand new position, especially the teachers! Speaking of new teachers, Matt Brown and Michael Ginoccino are new teachers, so let’s get to know them.

Let’s get to know Mr. Ginocchio, Mr. Ginocchio is an 11th grade US History teacher and 12th grade English teacher. As Ginocchio is adapting to Pritzker, he explains that he has been “loving it, to be completely honest.” He has admitted that it has been an adjustment, but “ I work with a smile on my face,” which is great to hear coming from a teacher. 

Ginocchio’s transition from his old job and the new job is quite a change. He also said that he is used to being more independent when it came to his own work. But now at Pritzker, he has a community to collaborate with. On the contrary, he used to teach at schools that had a smaller population and stated, “remembering names is going to be a challenge.”

The students have been  “very welcoming to me” Ginocchio states. Students eventually got used to him which is what he said he wanted. Additionally, the staff and teachers have been “Lovely, they have been nothing but welcoming and supportive to me” whether it’s a meeting or just a general conversation. The reasoning why Ginocchio came to Pritzker was because he “always wanted to  teach in a high school and US History”. For example, Pritzker is a school that stands out, especially since we were ranked number 2 in Chicago Magazine of Public Schools! Since Pritzker stood out, Ginocchio automatically wanted to be a teacher here. Also, he has always wanted to be in the city, especially since he grew up seeing Cubs games with his dad, and since he is a Cubs fan.

Now that we got to know Ginocchio, let’s get to know Brown. Brown teaches English 3 for 11th graders and when talking about Prtizker he said he likes it. Brown likes how the noble rules are not new to him because he did transition from being principal at a noble school to being a teacher at Pritzker. It was different and not that easy for him to transition since his job switch. He also worked on the south side and it was also different having subjects to teach. The students, he claimed, have been “nothing but welcoming”. As for the teachers, he said he was “struck by just how well everyone works” especially for him being a new teacher. “It felt like a community” when first arriving at Pritzker. Fun fact about Brown, he has three children, he has a boy and two girls. Mr. Brown also lives by the Pritzker area.