New Wave Coffee: A strange restaurant for a close minded person

John Seed, known as the Father, preaching to his followers. Photo Credit: Chloee Toro

By Ashley Medina ’20

New Wave Coffee is an unusual restaurant that offers unique coffee, friendly service, and funky decor.

At New Wave Coffee, you will find that your coffee has an oddly good flavor. You will also find incredibly friendly employees that greet you with a huge smile. Lastly, you will find unusual decor that is capable of making you regret going in.

New Wave coffee doesn’t really have a copious menu. I was indecisive on what to get because it was my first time there and the beverage menu was limited. I also didn’t get any pastries because they didn’t seem appealing.

I decided to get the iced mocha with almond milk. The coffee didn’t have a smooth taste. At first, the iced mocha was very warm, and it didn’t even feel as if there was any ice in it. I went back to ask for ice and a friendly employee added some to my beverage. When I took a sip of the mocha with more ice, it felt as if I had taken a sip of cold water for the first time after a race. Overall, the coffee had a carbonated feel, which made me dislike the coffee.

The employee that I only interacted with was the cashier. Another employee that was working acknowledged my presence. She gave me a big smile and continued with her duties.

The cashier gave me time and advice on what to get. He didn’t look frustrated. The whole time he was quietly waiting for me to decide and he continued to smile. Something else that made me feel comfortable at the restaurant was that the cashier was interacting with my little sister. That created a welcoming environment.

What didn’t create a welcoming environment was the funky decor. The place overall has a laidback feel. There was Bob Marley music playing in the background that gave the restaurant  a calm flow.

The thing that really made me cringe was how the seats and tables were messy. I didn’t like how the sofa was torn and I felt disgusted by the remaining bits of food on the tables.

The decor also creeped me out. Although it was very unique, it was also very creepy. I am not used to the funky decor. For example, there is a bear tv.

An individual who revised New Wave Coffee claimed that New Wave Coffee had “really good coffee and a nice simple space.” I would have to disagree with this individual. The coffee was not that good because it lacked freshness. I didn’t think that the place was nice due to the physical appearance of the restaurant that was not very inviting.

The only thing that I really like about the restaurant is the service. I personally didn’t enjoy my visit, but if you are very open-minded to trying new things, New Wave Coffee is the place for you.

  • Hours: Mon. -Sun. 7a.m. to 9 a.m.
  • Rate:4.3 out of 5 stars
  • Location: 3103 W. Logan Blvd
  • Phone number: 773-489-0646