New team for the Pritzker Jaguars: Track!

New team for the Pritzker Jaguars: Track!

By Hernan Bueno ’18

After many years of waiting,  Pritzker has finally created a Track team. People were especially excited about the news when they heard Tamika Robinson, past Illini Track star, would be one of the coaches. She is a coach along with Pam  Johnson, Dean of Culture, Paige Moran, Dean of Students, and Angela Pool. Even though this is a new sport for Pritzker, the coaches and runners seem enthusiastic about it, and are determined to represent Pritzker well. Hopefully that enthusiasm will continue to carry the team into their upcoming meet.  

Many people often confuse Track and Cross Country, but they are two different sports. Cross Country is a sport dedicated to running long distances. At Pritzker, Cross Country races are usually three miles long. This is different from Track that is focused on speed more than distance. Runners can compete in races such as 400m, 800m, 1600m, etc. In Cross Country, races include up to 100 competitors as compared to Track in which individuals compete against only a handful of people in their respective races.

Track runners can be seen running outside or in the building during intense practices. The Track team is determined to start off strong as seen from their practices that take place from 4 to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday. They are running hard because they have a goal in mind: representing    Pritzker in their first upcoming race on March 31st. When asked how they are preparing for their first race, senior Sandy Cortez shares, “We are working on our form, sprints, and improving our time.” All of these factors are important basics for succeeding in Track. Once that foundation is created, the team will face even more intensity in practices. Junior and experienced runner Paulina Flores predicts a transition to “speed training” instead of just focusing on the basics. She also comments that as the weather gets nicer, the team can go outside, and they will get a better picture of “what Track will actually look like throughout the season.” This means the Track team will continue to work even harder throughout the season in order to perform their best. Even though Track is new, it seems to be off to a good start and a promising future.

Whether it is focusing on basics or transitioning to speed training, it is hard to deny that the team is putting in their best effort. Maybe it is even an indication of how the season will be as the team competes with other Noble Track teams such as ITW, Noble Academy, Johnson College Prep, Muchin, DRW, Hansberry, and Chicago Bulls College Prep. Whether the team does bad or good, this upcoming race will be historical for Pritzker athletics.