New Jaguars adjust

Word cloud of freshmen adjustment.

By Citlalli Calderon  ’18

Are you a freshman who is adjusting to a new environment? It can be quite overwhelming and scary for freshmen to start high school. The scariest part of starting high school is the size of freshmen as a whole. The unfamiliar faces that one has to get used to seeing, the new teachers that you now have to adapt to, and building friendships with the new freshmen.

Also, the amount of homework given in middle school is different. Of course, in high school there will be a ton more homework.  In high school, the estimated amount for students to spend on homework is 2-3 hours. However, in middle school, the homework could be done in less than an hour. Grades in middle school were not viewed very as often than in high school. Other than homework there is also balancing extracurriculars and clubs, which is a great way to adapt and meet other students from upper classes and will make high school a bit less nerve wrecking based on the unfamiliar faces when starting high school.

At Pritzker there are certain days when  progress reports are sent out, and help keep one on track. There is no time to fool around about grades if freshmen want to impress colleges once they start looking into them their senior year.

Each year freshmen begin school a few days before the upper-class 10th-12th grade because it gives them a sense where the classrooms are located before the school gets filled. At Pritzker where discipline is quite scary, detentions and demerits are given when you don’t follow the rules, such as being late to school, can be a challenge to adjust to the environment.

Freshman, Jamie Matias, stated, “I’m adjusting to Pritzker little by little. I’m still trying to get used to the rules. My middle school experience is different from Pritzker because at my the teachers didn’t really care about doing our homework or not. They would let us do whatever we wanted until it came to actually testing, which got serious.”

Matias also explains how she was so unfamiliar to the classroom structure. She explains how in her classes they go over directions while in middle school she rarely followed any of those rules.  

Freshman, Juan Carlos Barrera, explained, “I’m doing good as a freshman so far. The only difficult things are following the rules and earning LaSalles. Lately, I’ve received a few LaSalles.” And as a reminder, freshmen do not fear; everyone has been in your position before!