New faces at Pritzker: Ms. McCaw

American Lit teacher Ashley McCaw Photo Credit: Ashley McCaw

By Estrella Mendoza ’17 and Angel Olanda ’17

As Ashley McCaw  walked into Pritzker’s doors, she expressed feeling good vibes and a comforting, welcoming atmosphere from the school. Coming into Pritzker for the first time, she visited many classrooms and was amazed by the projects that were going on. She loved how dedicated and hardworking the students were. Even though she had no intention of teaching at Pritzker at first, after seeing what was going, she couldn’t resist.

As a teacher, McCaw avoids teaching in ways that students would get easily bored with and become uninterested in. She likes to stand out and make the students feel comfortable in her class. Javier Mendoza, junior, stated that her class is an open environment where all her students can share their ideas without being judged. McCaw stated that she “likes to play with the students’ humor.” She makes the class fun by making the students have a good laugh, while staying serious to the topic. She stated that she likes to create an “active environment” so that students would take more interest in the subject or topic they are working on.

Asking students what they feel about McCaw, many said that she actually makes reading enjoyable and easier to understand. When Mendoza was asked to describe a positive feature of her, he stated feeling that “she is very patient when a student doesn’t know the answer to a question, she walks them through it.”

McCaw is always at the door with a smile on her face, ready to greet her students. Students often say she always has this energetic feeling that she passes onto others, which is a positive factor to have as a teacher.

One of McCaw’s hobbies outside of school would be that she loves reading. She stated that she started reading at a young age and went on from there. By the time she was in high school, she had no doubt that she would want to major in literature. An interesting fact about her would be that if she wasn’t a literature teacher, she would love to be either a scientist or journalist.

McCaw is also very athletic when it comes to playing soccer. She currently plays in a soccer team, so if you ever need an advice, you can go to her. Beside her passion  for soccer, she expressed her love for movies. She said she could not pick a specific genre because she loves to watch different things that don’t necessarily belong to a certain label.

Other interesting facts about McCaw would be that like many of us,  she is a big fan of delicious  foods. She mentioned that she loves to try different kinds of foods from different types of cultures. Her favorite dish is pizza.