New College Submissions

New College Submissions

By Guadalupe Flores ’20

Seniors already submitted their Nov. 1st college applications. Many students were stressing out because it was their first round submitting college applications. The college application process is very long and stressful because both the counselors and seniors want their application to be the best it can be. 

Seniors are currently focusing on their second round of submissions which are on Nov. 15. Many seniors have learned from their past mistakes and now know not to leave their application until the very last minute.

Irvin Merino, a senior, explained how he changed his ways from the Nov. 1st deadline. “I started to work on my applications outside of school and I started to work more and more on my essays.”

Seniors this time around know that working on essays will take more than a day and now use all the free time they have to work on those essays.

Mariah Villanueva, a senior,  expressed how she has always been good at time management and has used this tool for her past submissions and for the Nov. 15 deadlines.

Merino stated, “I was more confident, I didn’t feel stressed because I managed my time well and learned from my mistakes.”

On the contrary, Villanueva said, “I feel very stressed. I feel like the deadlines are just creeping up fast on me.”

Depending on the number of applications, some students can feel more stressed than others. The amount of essays contribute to stress because they still have to do work from other classes limiting their time to fix the essays.

The most stressful thing that seniors need to complete may vary but Villanueva expressed that “The most stressful thing is the essay and having to get it approved by my counselor.” 

Similarly Merino explained, “When I didn’t get them approved I didn’t have the motivation to go back and do all the changes.”

College applications can be hard to get through but as the seniors explained it is worth it because it can impact their future.

Not all applications are the same. Some universities require more than an essay, a personal statement, and even individual questions seniors have to answer about themselves as a student and an individual outside of Pritzker.

The application process will be done by Dec., so seniors are really close to getting them done. Seniors now need to wait for their college acceptances and when they all come through they will pick the college that they like and that will help them with their future.