NBA 2K20: The hottest sport video game out there

NBA 2K20 on the Playstation store. Pc: Michael Barcenas.

By Michael Barcenas ’20

With the new NBA 2K20 not only will you will be able to guide your player’s way into the NBA but it will now be more realistic than ever with a few improvements. 

NBA 2K20 is a video game developed by Visual Concepts, and it was released on Sept. 6 with two different cover: one cover being Anthony Davis, a basketball star, who recently joined the LA Lakers. It is not Anthony Davis’ first time being included on the front cover, as he was also in NBA 2K17.  The second cover includes Dywane Wade. This was due to 2K20 trying to honor his retirement.

For the first time 2K will be including the WNBA. You will be able to pick any team in the WNBA and play a whole season with them. This game mode will also include the WNBA commentary,  announcers, and a specific presentation. The addition of the WNBA is one of the biggest highlights of NBA 2K20’s release.

One of the most popular game modes that has been around for 2K20 is the MyCareer mode. This game mode has improved more than ever before. Something that was changed was that the “grind,” which is the road you take to get to the NBA. Now it is way shorter, and 2K20 did this to make it easier for gamers to master their players. The Pro-Am has a new Layer and the 3-on-3 Pro-Am.

“MyLeague” a game mode in 2K20 that was a failure in last year’s game version of 2K19 because it did not work well at all. That was something fixed for this upcoming 2K20. So far MyLeague has improved a lot as it has been working. Not everything was fixed with some issues still being unfixed, it may change the experience of this game mode. 

Although there are some new additions to the game. The fans feel like there is still some work that 2K20 has to be done, so it can be better than ever. Like halftime shows need work, MyPlayer is “too limiting,” layups are a little too slow, and nothing new was added to MyLeague, although it was fixed. There is even more suggestions that the fans and gamers have for 2K20. They want the halftime to be more realistic, so it still needs some work. They also want new hairstyles added for MyPlayer since there was nothing added new for the hairstyle. Despite this, it is a good game that I would recommend.

  • Released Sept. 6
  • Available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.
  • Modes: Single player and Multiplayer mode
  • Rated E for Everyone