“My Hero Academia: Two Heroes”: A phenomenal piece of work

Movie ticket for My Hero Academia Two Heroes Photo Credit: Osvaldo Medina

By Osvaldo Medina ’21

“My Hero Academia: Two Heroes” had so much hype when announced and did not disappoint with the release. The reason for that is because the movie was able to connect back to the show’s plot. The plot was amazing;however, the climax was sort of long, and the visuals for the movie are superior to the show’s because the time it took to produce the movie’s visuals takes longer than the show. As a result, the visuals are going to better.

In the movie, the viewer follows All Might and Izuku as they are invited to I-island, a private movable island that has scientist that researches superpowers and creates items to support heroes. The invitation comes from All Might’s old sidekick daughter, Melissa Shield who invited them to surprise her father, David Shield. Izuku and All Might enjoy their visit to the island but are unaware of the villains that have hijacked the island.

The one outstanding feature of the movie was how it was able to connect back to the show’s plot. Furthermore, the movie introduced the characters from Class 1-A in a fashionable way. For example, Katsuki Bakugo was able to get an invitation to the island because of his victory in the tournament arc that took place in season two of the show. Not just that the main villain, Wolfram, in the movie has connections to the major villain, All for one,  which not to spoil anything, left me at the edge of my seat.

Next, the plot of the movie was straightforward. However, before the climax, it was pretty much dull. The reason for that is because leading the climax, Izuku and Melissa and part of Class 1-A were trying to get to the top floor of the building hijacked by villains to shut down the security system. The problem was that the building had two hundred floors and during this sequence, it is definitely way too long and sometimes got repetitive at times. However, towards the end, the plot was jaw dropping from the visuals to the fighting sequence that was jam-packed.

Last, but not least, the visuals were amusing and unique. It was not until the final battle between Izuku and All Might against Wolfram that the visuals were outstanding. Studio Bone went all out with this battle because there were so many flashing lights and movements that I didn’t know were possible through the use of animation. The characters’ movements felt so alive and left the crowd cheering for the heroes.

Some may argue that there is no point to watching the movie because it does not help the plot of the show move forward. However, the movie is canon which means it does connect to the main plot of the show but does not move forward. Not just that, if you are a die-hard fan, it is worth your time to watch it.

  • Pg-13
  • Director: Kenji Nagasaki
  • 1hr 35m long