My BFF is better than yours

Jacqueline Puente and Liliana Ramirez together before a soccer game.

By Stephanie Solis ’20

OK, but have you ever received a message saying “OMG girl, I have to tell you something” or “Bro, I have to tell you something.” When we think of a “BFF” we mostly think of girls being together but we have to remember that a friendship is not just about girls but also about guys.

Now, here are some BFF’s that you need to hear about. Seniors Liliana Ramirez and Jacqueline Puente? Well, both have been best friends since freshman year, but everyone thinks they have been best friends since they were little.

Now, where did it all begin? You are probably imagining that this is a friendship like the ones you would see in the movies, well you’re right because it is.

“It began the summer before freshman year started. We took a class together and we were assigned a project together. At first, it was awkward when we introduced ourselves but we started bonding over soccer which made us click. I asked her to come over to my house so we can finish our project. After that we became best friends and still are,” Puente mentioned.

Now, just think for a second. How did you meet your best friend? You probably do not remember.

Also, think about how would you describe your best friend? Would it be hard? Because there are no exact words that describe your best friend?

Both of them describe each other really differently. Ramirez expressed, “I would describe Jackie as a person who is very loud, a great athlete, trustworthy, supportive, loving, funny, crazy, etc. When Jackie and I are together, our parents go nuts because we are slightly the same person. And there is no stop laughter between us.”

While Puente said the opposite, “I would describe our friendship one of a kind. We are completely different but we express our differences to unlock more about each other. I would say I am a bad influence on her and she is the nicer one but that is how we work. We laugh at everything and do everything together. Wherever she goes, I go.”

Puente and Ramirez have a special bond, that they literally do everything together. Both mentioned they cannot be around each other because both seniors go nuts.

Do you have a best friend? If not, do not worry because you do not need one. But there has to be someone that you feel comfortable telling them something without doubting. You might not see that person as your best friend, but it can be a close friend.

Now go out there and find yourself a best friend, so, later on, you can be bragging about your friendship. In general, would you as a person and a human being, feel more comfortable with talking about anything with someone you trust?