Multisport player: Marcell Alfaro

By Kayla LaSalle ’21

Junior Marcell Alfaro: Who is he? Maybe you scroll or skip past him on social media? As you think: “it is just another PCP junior.” But what makes him unique? What sports does he play? Lets see!


Throughout Alfaro’s high school career, he has been in the following sports: basketball, wrestling, baseball, and football.

Alfaro was in wrestling his freshman year; football, baseball and basketball his sophomore year; and most recently in football his junior year. But, Alfaro is currently in basketball again and plans to play rugby later in the school year.

Antwine Johnson, a junior who plays sports with Alfaro, stated, “We prepared for football season a couple of times by going to [North-Grand High school] and put in some extra work on the field.” Besides that, Alfaro only prepares for his basketball season by going to the gym every day and doing “dribbling drills and shooting drills.” 

Alfaro described practices as exhausting. He claims that when he gets home, he takes a shower to then start his homework. Otherwise,  he takes a nap and then does his homework. 

In conclusion, Alfaro has found sports to be a hard transition regarding his schedule but he remains determined actively.


While sports play a big part in Alfaro’s life, he stated, “Academics are very important to [him] because that’s basically [his] future.” Alfaro has maintained his grades because of this reason. He also finds that his academics determine his eligibility for sports and also play a part in colleges or teams that are possibly looking at him for recruitment.

Future plans

Alfaro said he has “always played sports even before high school.” Alfaro makes it clear that he favors basketball over other sports he has played: “I plan to go professional in basketball.” He also added that he does not have a specific team he is aiming for when it comes to going professional.

Family and Friends

Alfaro stated that besides sports, “outside of school, I just chill with my friends and go out with my family.”

Alfaro claims that his family does not mind him playing sports. He also stated that his family does not go to his games most times because “sometimes they [have] work or they have plans [regarding] other things.” But, Alfaro mentioned that his “twin sister [Lesly Alfaro] and older sister [Katherine Alfaro] have occasionally gone to [his] games.” Johnson and Jose Chavez, a junior, stated they support Alfaro when it comes to sports. Chavez describes Alfaro as “chill, funny, and cool to be around.” Johnson adds that Alfaro is very hardworking. Chavez stated, “Marcell talks about sports, but mostly with the people he plays sports with. He is raw and a good person especially when you’re close to him.” Johnson describes Alfaro as “fun to be around.” Johnson also added, “Marcell and I are always joking and playing around.” “Marcell and I talk about sports a lot. We would talk about our football games and talk about the upcoming basketball season.” But, Johnson pointed out that “[Alfaro] mainly talks about basketball since that is his favorite sport.” 

In conclusion

Alfaro has an objective. With his determination, support, and academics right there to push him as he continues to reach for that objective: a professional basketball career.