Ms. Cross is back and better than ever

By Citlali Sanchez ’21

Sarah Cross, one of Pritzker’s favorite P.E. teachers, former cheer coach, and advisor was gone for a couple of months. Nina, her little girl, had kept her home in pajamas for a while. Now that she joined motherhood, she is trying to balance her daily life out.  

“My mind was just so focused on what she needed,” Cross said, “that I couldn’t possibly [be] thinking about anything else.” She went through a lot of sleepless nights, making it difficult for her to work. She just needed a break from everything and be home. During that time she would sleep, walk around the house in pajamas, and not worry about anything but her baby.

While Cross was enjoying her break, many Pritzker students were missing her. Julissa Villalobos, a sophomore, stated, “Now that Ms. Cross is back, I feel like people were happy that she will be with us again and so far she’s been great and getting back to normal.” Some students had different opinions, such as Griselda Jimenez, a junior. “I didn’t miss her, nor did I miss anything. I wasn’t close to her like that.”

When Cross was not in school, students felt a difference. Nathan Dengle  was one of the teachers that helped in P.E. while she was was gone. Villalobos mentioned, “Mr. Dengle was a good P.E teacher, while he was there by teaching us some workouts and helping us when we needed it.” Jimenez expressed that Dengle sometimes would take too long explaining. Cross would not stop to explain, she kept it going. She also said that students could have actually tried even if she was not there. Furthermore, she added that, that should not stop them from trying and getting the work out done.

Cross expressed that it has been hard getting back into the schedule. “It has been challenging not being here for the beginning of the year,” Cross asserted. She also revealed that she does not know the freshmen’s name. She finds it “weird” that it is about to be December and she does not know who is who. Things have also changed and sometimes she needs to ask how things are supposed to be done. “I feel like I’m just starting a new job,” voiced Cross. Her routine consists of limited sleeping time because of the baby. Also having to clean up Nina’s throw up. In the morning she wakes up really early no matter how tired she is, gets herself ready and the baby. Then she drops her off at daycare and always tries to have a great day.

Cross declared that she loves being a mother and that her daughter is really cute. She pointed out, “it’s nice that now she wants to play a little bit.”

Pritzker welcomes Nina with open arms and wishes Cross the best.