Monserrat Leon: Her Last Season of Volleyball

By Salvador Rosas ’21

Monserrat Leon, a senior, that has played Volleyball for her four years of high school at Pritzker College Prep has her final volleyball season coming to an end.

   Now that this is her last season, she will have important moments in her last year, the most impactful moment was her senior night. Leon explained, “Senior Night, the amount of support to give it my all and give a good game.”

The one thing in her experience of her last season was when she went to the gold league with her team: “The Gold League was unexpected and showed how hard work pays off,” Leon stated.

Surprisingly, she has scored a lot of points for her team. She has scored somewhere in the “20’s”.

    Megan Shein, math teacher and one of the coaches of the Volleyball team, said that Leon is an “energetic” teammate. 

Shein also mentioned that Leon has had some improvement: “She worked very hard and she improved on attacks, timings, strength and height of jumps. She took on a lot of practice this season.”

She also knows that Leon  was thoughtful and worked very hard on everything in volleyball ball over the years.

   Not only do the coaches have some good things to share about Leon, but Senior Jacqueline Martinez has some fun memories with Leon. Martinez stated, “We will be winning games with her, and not just her but everyone and tells us what to fix and cheers on the team-not just to herself.”

  Martinez stated that Leon mostly improved the team by giving them “motivation” and a “positive mindset.”

    Leon thinks she did well throughout the seasons and “playing 4 years paid off and made me the athlete today.”

   With that being said, Shein believes that without Leon the team wouldn’t have improved, “I think she was a huge part in the huge improvement [of] attitude and without her, there might not be a good mindset,” she explained. To add on, Leon is a great teammate, “She always tries her best to be happy and motivated, and took on a leadership role leading in the conversation on effort and unity.”

To show an example is Martinez claims she had fun with Leon, “In a way, she is excited to play and putting the effort and without her, they wouldn’t be a team[…] since no girl isn’t willing to put it all.”

To add more on explanation is that Martinez is proud to be with Leon because “[Leon] is a great teammate. She hustles every time, we have potential, and we have earned the same spot she’s in.”

  This season alone the Girl’s Volleyball team has won a total of nine games, which was so close to being in the gold league until Bulls snatched the victory off of them.

However, Leon has some advice for future players, “To come to practice like its a real deal, focus on the team and not yourself. Everyone parts play a certain role on the team.”

Now the only question is, what’s next?  “I hope to continue to play, throughout the years. I continued playing it…liking it and grow[ing] as a player.” That is a promise she hopes to keep.