Monserrat Leon: A senior that has stayed committed to sports

Monserrat Leon: A senior that has stayed committed to sports

Senior Monserrat Leon has been playing sports at Pritzker College Prep since her freshman year. Leon has been playing with JV and Varsity teams. For example, she was on the girls’ volleyball team during her freshman year and moved up to varsity level in her sophomore, junior, and senior year.  She has also played with girls’ JV soccer since her sophomore and junior year, but she hopes to make varsity her senior year.

Leon has tried out for the soccer team. She played varsity level volleyball and enjoyed her last year with the coaches and playing with her team. She has improved throughout the years, and the coaches saw. They would remind her what she is able to do whenever she would doubt her skills and improvement. She plans to continue on improving in both sports and plans on playing sports in college. Leon has kept a balance on homework and sports by getting ahead of her school work in order to maintain her good grades and be able to play.

Many of her friends, for example, junior Jailene Rivera, have played volleyball with her. She has been described as a funny, competitive, and hard worker. She has had good connections with her teammates, coaches, teachers, and friends. Her friends would suggest getting to know her because she has really great energy.

Leon mentioned that she will continue to improve because she does plan to play volleyball in college since it is what interests her, and she wants to pursue this passion. She is still not sure about soccer because volleyball would be considered her favorite sport. Rivera has been playing volleyball with Leon for a while and is able to see the improvement. Rivera said that Leon should continue to improve on her volleyball skills because she has been getting better every single time. 

Leon explains how she would normally describe herself. Leon mentioned, “I would say that I am a very competitive person but in a good way because I know what my team and I are capable of accomplishing since we do have the skills and should be able to show them off.” Rivera mentioned that she would consider Leon a competitive player because she wants to get better every single time to get the right skill down and to show herself and everyone else what she is capable of doing.

Leon would recommend other girls interested in volleyball or any sport to try it because she did not know anything about volleyball and ended up really into it and wanting to get better. “I enjoy playing every time […] because it is a way to forget about what is going on and focus on what I enjoy doing,” Leon stated. Rivera also would suggest anyone to play or try something that interests them. 

Leon has been going to soccer tryouts and conditioning and was welcomed to the girls’ varsity soccer team.