Momo: Not the children

Alexa looking at Momo

By Jonathan Rosales ’19

Memes have been a part of our generation for some time now. Memes are a great way to have a good laugh but then there are some that take it too far. A meme that has made a comeback this year is Momo. What or who is Momo you may ask? Well, Momo was originally made from a factory in Japan as a horror prop sculpture. She is described as a long-haired, big eye, wide mouth, and long-faced girl.

Now, how has this meme become dangerous? This meme has become a hazard as she may pop up on a child-friendly video on YouTube or social media. It is known for a fact that she tells the person who is watching the video to commit suicide. Another way “Momo” has been a threat is by her texting an individual and telling that person to either kill themselves or kill one of their loved ones. If the individual refuses, Momo comes and gets you.

Diana Rea, junior, talked about how Momo has affected her sister, Alexa, age six, and the use of the internet. Rea said, “The way Momo has affected my sister is bad. She once saw her while using her phone and it terrified her. That same night, she was not able to fall asleep.” Rea’s sister panicked when she saw Momo which caused her to have difficulties when falling asleep.

Alfredo Martinez, senior, mentioned how Momo has also affected his little nephew, Aiden, age four. Martinez stated, “Because he saw Momo on YouTube, while he was watching videos, he got scared and was not allowed to use his mom’s phone for a while.” Another child was frightened by Momo which caused him to lose access to the internet.

So how has Momo affected a teenager? Rae explained because of the Momo trend, “I saw her everywhere. I saw her on my Facebook timeline and it would scare me, as well. I also could not sleep that same night but I got over it, eventually.” Not only children but older kids have been affected by this meme.

Martinez also implied on the effect it had on him. He said that he, too, saw Momo all over his Facebook timeline but “I just ignored it but it looked like a lot of other people were concerned about it.” Martinez has not been affected by the meme but he has noticed others are concerned about it.

Rae shared out her thoughts about Momo. She mentioned how “this meme can be funny, to an extent, as to how people would use Momo and make it funny” But she also mentioned the bad things about this meme. She said it is ”stupid because it is causing children to harm themselves and also scaring them, and that is a big no no.”

Martinez also believes this meme is quite stupid and how dangerous it can be. He agreed with Rae’s claim, “It is dangerous and some people, especially, children can be seriously hurt.”

Overall, it seems like Momo has affected many individuals. Again, she started off as a creepy and funny meme but after her return, she was used to targeting people, mostly children.