Modern Day Heroes

By Guadalupe Garcia ’18

A hero is someone who is “admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities,” according to  When you think of heroes, you might think of a man dressed in a red cape ready to save the damsel in distress; however, more often than not, a hero is simply  a man or a woman who has positively impacted another person’s life. They aren’t always  dressed in fancy clothing or have x ray vision or super strength. Sometimes all they do  is motivate you to be the best version of yourself possible; a hero can be your next door neighbor, your parent, your teacher, your sibling. A hero can be absolutely anyone.  A hero can be your biggest role model and can also influence the person you become and your behavior and attitude towards school activities.

Pritzker is no different. Students definitely have their own unique heroes. Elithania Franco, a junior, says that a hero for her is someone who serves as an example of what she should aspire to be.  Her heroes include both her parents and her older sibling. As Franco said, “ My mom and dad have always put my own needs and my siblings needs above their own needs. They are incredibly selfless and dedicated to providing the best possible future for me and my siblings. They continuously offer their own support and offer me help instead of putting me down and they inspire me to be a better person both emotionally and personally.” When asked to describe her attitude towards Pritzker and the dedication she puts into her school activities, she said that the first person that comes to mind when she wants to give up, or is struggling with the material taught in class, she always think of the sacrifices her parents have made for her. As Franco said, “ They have given up so much to make me happy and to make sure that I get a good education, so, every time that I want to quit, I think of them and then I make sure to try harder, because I want to make them just as proud of me as I am of them.”

Rosalia Lopez, a junior, also shared some of the same sentiments as Franco did. When Lopez was asked what qualities define a hero, she said “ A hero must be inspirational, honest, and compassionate. He or she must be considerate with others and must be willing to help those around him while still staying firm with what he or she believes in” When Lopez was asked to name her hero, Lopez said “ My biggest inspiration, the person I look up to the most, and the person who carries many of the heroic qualities I just mentioned, would have to be my dad. My dad is selfless, he puts others needs before his own, he gives back to the community and he serves as both an example and a role model for me and my younger siblings. My dad pushes me to strive for academic success”

Heroes aren’t necessarily only seen on television screens. They are all around us, and they inspire us to become better versions of ourselves.