MJROTC’s Annual Marine Corps Ball

By Citlalli Calderon ’18

On Nov. 9, the MJROTC cadets celebrated their annual Marine Corps’ birthday with special guests: teachers and parents. Guests waited as the cadets stepped into the cafeteria ready for the ceremony to begin.

As the ceremony initiated, higher ranked cadets were escorted with their guests to the main table, which had their names labelled in front of their designated seat. After the color guard presented their colors, the national anthem was played as cadets, parents, and teachers respected it by placing their right hand on their chest. GySt. Alvarez, greeted his cadets and guests  follow with a prayer of the food they were going to receive and respects to the veterans who have served us for our country.

As that occurred, Jennifer Cortez, Major, gave an opening speech of the annual birthday to the cadets presented. Nervously, she went on stage to give the opening speech, “I was really nervous to go up there to speak, but I gave my speech anyways. I was happy it was over even though I made a few mistakes while being up there that I wish I wouldn’t have done.”

There was a mini motivational video played before a speech was given. A motivational speech was given by Commandment of the Marine Corps, giving thanks for getting to be at Pritzker celebrating the birthday of the Marine Corps Ball, and for being a proud Marine.

The cutting of the cake happened with the youngest cadet and the eldest Marine, cutting a piece of the cake,  to symbolize the passing of history and tradition to the next generation.

Despite of the long introduction for the ball, the feast began. There was bread, rice, salad, and macaroni given to the cadets to munch on. Aside from the food, the dessert was the cake that was cut in the beginning of the ceremony. Second plates were allowed only with consent of GySt. Gunny.

Finally, there was a closing video filled with memories of  cadets over the past few years. After it, they cleaned up the cafeteria, moving the tables and chairs, to make room to dance and have a great time. The Marine Corps ball was a night to remember for cadets and a night to enjoy.

Yahaira Ibarra, Senior, explains, “The food was my favorite part and seeing the video of how everyone has grown over the four years, especially the seniors makes my heart melt. We have grown so much and seeing pictures and videos made my night.” Ibarra explains her favorite part of attending the marine corps ball.