Mirna Pineda: First Semester Freshman Survivor

Mirna Pineda: First Semester Freshman Survivor

By Crystal Barrera ’20

The end of the first semester of the school year has now come to an end. It is a time where freshmen get to reflect on how they are going to spend their next couple of years in high school. Also to think  about what strategies they are going to use to get better grades and have a better high school experience overall.

Having that transition from middle school to high school, students definitely have struggles, whether  it has to do with homework, tests, quizzes, or just simply understanding what is going on in class. Mirna Pineda, a freshman, said that what she enjoyed most about her first semester was getting use to everything and getting to know new people that she has not known before, like her new teachers.

Pineda also states that “although [she] has some things [she] enjoyed, [she] struggled with having [her] homework with effort that proves that [she] [has] tried.” Another one of her struggles was something that maybe most freshman entering Pritzker have: not getting LaSalles or demerits.

Pineda said that some of her goals include: pushing through these four years of high school and trying her hardest to see where she ends up.

Pineda also states that her advisor has helped her a lot to adapt to a brand new schedule, since it was very different from her old school.

Minerva also has a message for incoming freshmen next year, who will be in the same position as her in a couple of months from now. Her message is, “You may think it is hard and it will at times, but you just have to push through it and you will get to where you want to be.”

As said before, many students actually believe that high school is stressful and that it takes getting use to. Overall, although Minerva has had struggles in her first semester of high school, she managed to get through them and do better through her grades and as a person in general.

Her experience overall as a freshman, who has barely finished her first semester of high school, has both good and bad things. For example, like mentioned, she has some struggles with finding or getting used to her schedule. But she managed to ask for help from her advisor. This just goes to show that if someone is going through a struggle, the best way to solve them is by asking for help to get unconfused, which is what many teachers say. It helps to ask questions or to simply try to figure it out by themselves using resources. Just sitting around and thinking they are going to fail is not the best option. They should try to do something about it until they get to reach their goal.