Minute to Win it: Junior Big Group 2016

Minute to Win it: Junior Big Group 2016

By Yaneet Rodriguez

On Monday 31, in the school lunchroom, the juniors had a big group and played Minute to Win It. You may ask, “What does that mean?” Well, it is a challenge where students from each advisory had to try three different challenges. Each challenge had to be completed in under one minute.

There was the Junk in the trunk, Cookie monster, and Panty hose bowling.

Junk in the trunk is when a student had a tissue box tied behind them with 18 pin balls. The goal is to try to empty out the box within a minute, and any student that does it in less than a minute wins. The students were Juan Lagunas, Jocelyn Santos, Stephanie Rangel, Alexis Arrieta, Luis Rodriguez, Justin Rodriguez, Mike Guzman, and Starr Lewis. The nine students had a minute to try to empty out the box.

Starr Lewis won first place in Junk in the truck.

The Cookie monster was when the student would have to put a cookie on their forehead and use their face muscles to try to make the cookie fall into their mouth within a minute.  The students were Lorenzo Mendiola, Andy Estrada, Adrian Ochoa, Vianney Yanez, Sandy Cortez, Lissette Espinoza, Isaiah Campuzano, Annette Pabello, and Daniel Segovia.

Vianney Yanez won the Cookie monster challenge even though she dropped the cookie once.

For the last challenge, students played Panty hose bowling. There was going to be eight filled water bottles and students were going to be wearing a pantyhose with a baseball. With that, the students needed to try to make the water bottles fall within a minute. The students were Leonardo Sanchez, Jennifer Cortez, Jorge Monroy, Marc Anthony Carbajal, Margarita Maldonado, David Nieves, Desireliz Guzman, Joshua Soto, and Karen Gomez.

There were three winners, Carbajal, Monroy, and Soto, but there only could have been one winner, so they re-did it again until they had a winner who ended up being Carbajal.

Lewis, from Brick advisory, won Junk in the truck; Yanez, from Pallardy advisory, won the Cookie monster; and Carbajal, from Schrishuhn and Lawson advisory, won.

While in the big group, the teachers also talked about the students of the quarter in each class and gave them a  shout out to recognize them for the hard work the students have been showing.