Minna’s Restaurant: Mini but mighty!

Minna’s Restaurant: Mini but mighty!

By Emily Trujillo ’22

The smell of hot oil in the room mixed with the smell of meat, people conversing with each other, and Mexican candy in the front. Minna’s Restaurants has nice staff, incredible food, and a small space.

Minna’s Restaurant offers an array of Mexican food along with other styles of Hispanic cuisine. I went on a Friday afternoon and ordered a huarache and a drink that came out to a total of $9. I went with two other friends and their totals came out to around the same price. 

To begin with, there were about five waitresses in the front who were mostly women making the food on the stove. Some men in the back looked to be managers or who made the dough for the tortillas. The staff members all spoke Spanish and most even spoke English. 

When we found seats we sat down and waited about five minutes before a waitress came to ask us what we wanted. We had to ask for menus and she went for our drinks while we thought about what we were going to order. We ordered our food and she was very polite and even told us about some of the best dishes there. After about ten minutes the plates started to come to us one by one, mine being first. 

I got a huarache de carne asada which is a Mexican dish consisting of masa with smashed pinto beans in an oblong shape topped with salsa and other toppings. I also got a traditional Mexican drink, horchata, which is ground up rice with spices and nutmeg. The masa of the huarache was very warm and soft and not hard to bite into. The huarache itself had a lot of toppings and had everything listed on the menu. It was a little difficult to eat due to it being so messy but this happens with any huarache. The steak had a lot of flavors that I never tasted in any other steak, which surprised me the most because of how good it tasted. 

There was a variety of salsas provided to choose from on the table. My horchata was very creamy and it was exceptionally sweet. 

In a review, it said, “The huaraches I ordered were not what I expected. Had no salsa, bean, but it had lettuce?” I ordered the same thing but mine included these things and the things on the menu. Lettuce is included in the ingredients list. To add on, there was salsa on the tables for the customers to add to their liking. I recommend going to Minna’s Restaurant despite this review because, from my experience, it is not accurate. 

  • 5046 W Armitage Ave
  • 773-417-7602
  • Monday – 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Sunday- 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Tuesday to Saturday- 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.