Milk and Honey: A beautifully written masterpiece!

Milk and Honey: A beautifully written masterpiece!

  By Guadalupe Garcia ’18

Milk and Honey written by  author Rupi Kaur features a collection of poetry within its 204 pages. Kaur, is a poet and author of Indian descent. Milk and Honey was her first published book and since its publication, it has sold “ more than half a million copies.” Milk and Honey explores the pain behind “heartbreak, love, insight, abuse and femininity.” The book does not contain an actual plot, rather it appears to be more of a collection of deeply personal diary and journal entries. Every poem in the book, is unique and deals with the pain of a different issue  while also exploring the healing and growth that can come from the darkest moments of one’s lifes.

“What terrifies me the most is how we foam at the mouth with envy when others succeed but sigh in relief when they are failing. Our struggle to celebrate each other is what has proven to be most difficult in being human.” This quote is one of many that struck me the most, it critiques our society, it judges our lack of humanity while recognized our individuality.  Milk and Honey strategically and beautifully discusses difficult topics like rape, consent and sexism in simple yet incredibly powerful short stanzas. Every line is filled with so much emotion, that the drawings scattered throughout the book simply serve as decoration, because the words are breathtaking and brutally beautiful.

This book is addictive, immensely powerful, and influential. This book is not only one to be read, it is one that will linger in your mind even after the last page is turned, it will make you question your stance on difficult topics, and keep you intrigued throughout its entirety.  However, as amazing as this book seemed to me, I wouldn’t recommend this book, to those who prefer books with complicated plots and characters. Although, you do not have to love poetry to be a fan of this book, you should be a reader who enjoys “reading between the lines” and being comfortable with reading about difficult topics and learning more about them. All in all, this book is extremely enjoyable and should be recommended to anyone interested in poetry or open to trying differents styles of writing.

  • 204 pages
  • Retails for $9.46 at Barnes and Noble
  • 4.3/5  from Goodreads