Margie’s Candies: Back to the 1900

The image of Margies Candies and how it has gotten really known. Photo credit: Anakaren Bahena

By Anakaren Bahena ’17


Margie’s candies has the most amazing extract of flavors united to create amazing flavors of ice cream. It’s also a candy shop that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Margie’s Candies was established in 1921. Since then many famous celebrities have visited to try what has been known to be a well known ice cream spot. They have served The Beatles , The Rolling Stones, and the most well known Chicago gangster, Al-Capone.

Although, it may not look so fancy, it has outstanding ice cream. Margie’s has a variety  of sundaes, milkshakes, sandwiches, chocolates, and banana splits. You can choose from so many delicious  treats you will want no more. My personal favorite sundae is the vanilla sundae. The prices at Margie’s vary depending on how much you want to eat.

Margie’s is located between Western Ave. and Armitage Ave. Margie’s location is amazing because  you can either take public transportation or arrive in car, but Margie’s doesn’t provide their customers with free parking. Margie’s is on two major intersections it might be difficult to find parking  around, but it will be worth every second once you get to try Margie’s sweet treats.

Margie’s Candies is an amazing place to hang out with friends and enjoy delicious treats.  I think Margie’s has an old theme table booth, and there are many displays of candies and ice cream cones. They have a great place due to how they have sweets and different tastes for anyone, and you can always try something new when you go.

Many reviews had similar statement to a yelp review who said, “The decor is cluttered and dirty and very unsettling.” They also said that the tables were sticky and the service was really rude. Another review had said they would be better just buying the fudge in the store because of how cold it was.  In my experience the decoration was not as best, but it goes with the amount of years this location has been in place as well; the fudge was extremely delicious and tasty.

Fill your taste buds with chocolate fudge

  • 1960 N. Western Ave.
  • Phone number: 773-384-1035
  • Hours: Monday-Sunday  9 a.m. – 12 a.m.