Mama Lunas: A taste from Momma’s kitchen

This is the pizza was really good and it had ham and pineapple, the cheese is really melted.

By: Jorge Velasquez ‘22

Mama Lunas is a family and community oriented restaurant, with their amazing food, pleasant service, and typical americanized pizza decor. 

My family and I went on a Sunday afternoon to dine in. We were greeted by a bilingual woman. The food was very delightful. The place was very clean and had a typical American touch. At the end we really enjoyed the visit and it is a recomendable place to go eat as a family.

The food was good overall, the pizza was fresh out of the oven. The cheese was melted and the ham was well cooked, which made it more enjoyable. The  wings were really flavorful. I ordered half BBQ and Buffalo, and the buffalo was sort of spicy and the BBQ was sweet. Finally, the cheese fries were good too because they can serve you different amounts of cheese and it makes the fries more tasty.

The Americanized pizza decor was typical because the walls of the restaurant had different tones of grey. They had a bar  which is good for adults. The bar is made out of wood, and they have different types of liquor, along with fancy cups. They have a separate room in which people have private parties. Finally, they have 4 Tv’s so they can entertain people while they  wait for their food.

The service was really good because they have at least 2 people who spoke both english and spanish. They have a nice temper towards their clients, and they will greet you very well and make you feel comfortable. The time limit was not that bad after all because they took like 10 minutes to make the wings and the cheese fries. The pizza took 30 minutes in total because we ordered a large in which takes a long time to make. When ordering your food, the waiter will let you know an estimated time for how long the food is going to take. 

People are complaining about the restaurant and how “they don’t cook the pizza very well.” If you want a certain type of food then you can tell them the specific way you want your food done. There won’t be any problems because the cooks only do the food on how they usually do, but if people want something specific then they can tell them what to do differently but that is the only problem that people find when they go to the restaurant.